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Supermarket Anti-theft Equipment Program


There are a wide variety of large-scale supermarket chains. How to ensure the efficient and safe circulation of goods is a problem that every shopping mall needs to consider. Next, the anti-theft system manufacturer will introduce professional supermarket anti-theft equipment solutions.
Today's shopping malls are developing in the direction of a complex. Green and environmental protection and meeting the needs of different public levels are the unremitting pursuit of every shopping mall. Complex shopping malls are characterized by a large flow of people, a huge number of commodities, and vertical consumption levels. Nowadays, the advancement and development of science and technology has got rid of the traditional man-to-man defensive tactics, and replaced it with the EAS mall anti-theft system. This system has the characteristics of technical defense instead of rigid and rigid personnel, so that consumers can fully enjoy the shopping experience. respect.
Generally speaking, for anti-theft in supermarkets, there are the following two anti-theft solutions: AM sound-magnetic anti-theft equipment program. The main equipment is equipped with: sound-magnetic anti-theft antenna, sound-magnetic anti-theft label consumables (DR soft tags, small hammers, large hammers) , Acousto-magnetic decoder, unlocker, etc.
RF radio frequency anti-theft equipment program, mainly equipped with equipment: radio frequency anti-theft antenna, radio frequency anti-theft tag, decoder board, lock opener, etc.