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What's Wrong With The Insensitive Response of The Newly Bought Supermarket Anti-theft Device?


We now consider how to solve the anti-theft system of the store regardless of whether it is an entrepreneurial project. The most common thing is to buy more mainstream equipment such as anti-theft devices and anti-theft doors. Recently, many people have found that the sensitivity of the newly-purchased device does not seem to be good after using it after purchasing the anti-theft device in the supermarket, and feel that they have purchased an irregular product. In fact, the insensitive response of supermarket anti-theft devices is mostly caused by improper debugging. So what is the problem of the insensitive response of newly-purchased supermarket anti-theft devices? See what the technicians say!
In fact, the so-called slow response of the supermarket anti-theft device means that the sensitivity of the anti-theft device has decreased. To solve the problem of slow response, we only need to adjust the sensitivity. The two supermarket anti-theft devices that are currently used in the market are acousto-magnetic anti-theft devices and radio frequency. Anti-theft devices, different systems have different methods of adjusting the sensitivity of anti-theft devices. Acousto-magnetic anti-theft devices generally require software to adjust sensitivity; radio frequency anti-theft devices can manually adjust sensitivity.

The acousto-magnetic anti-theft system has low false alarms, and the sensitivity has a long service life. After the engineer has adjusted it during installation, it generally does not need to be debugged in the later stage. If you find that the sensitivity has dropped a lot and you really need to debug, you can first observe whether the host is an external host. If it is an external host, most of them will have a hardware adjustment sensitivity function. The adjustment potentiometer is generally the RX Gain knob, which increases clockwise. Decrease counterclockwise; if it is a built-in host, only engineers can remotely perform computer debugging or remote control debugging.

In fact, the sensitivity of the radio frequency anti-theft device is easily affected by the environment and is unstable, because most of the radio frequency anti-theft systems currently use analog signals, and the acousto-magnetic anti-theft system uses digital transmission technology, so the acousto-magnetic anti-theft system is relatively more accurate in signal identification. The equipment is not easy to be interfered by other unrelated signals, and the radio frequency anti-theft device is easily affected by the surrounding electric field environment, and often malfunctions. To debug this type of model, first check whether the transmitting antenna is normal. The current anti-theft system uses three The indicator light shows the sensitivity level. Generally, it is fine to debug until the light on the left is flashing.

The above is the main content of why the newly purchased supermarket anti-theft device is not sensitive. In summary, if it is not a problem with the equipment, it is the negligence of the technicians. Therefore, when buying a supermarket anti-theft device, you must choose a reliable manufacturer. Will not bring us economic loss and trouble.