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What is the inside of the anti-theft electronic label?


The summer is sultry and irritable. We like to go shopping in the mall in our spare time. Many people will notice the anti-theft electronic tags placed on the goods when they buy things in the clothing store of the mall. The anti-theft labels have different shapes but the same function, so many people are curious about what is inside such a small thing? Why is there an anti-theft function? The following editor will reveal to you what the anti-theft electronic tag looks like. Come and take a look.
Commodity anti-theft electronic tags mainly have two types: acousto-magnetic and radio-frequency. Whether it is acousto-magnetic or radio-frequency, it is divided into soft and hard tags, but its principle is to use the principle of magnetism to prevent theft. Usually a complete anti-theft hard tag is generally composed of a steel needle, a plastic shell, a magnetic coil and a lock core. You can see the internal structure when you open the plastic shell. The lock core is an important part, which is composed of three steel balls. A simple device formed by a steel ring and a spring. The steel ball is normally closed by the spring thrust. When the steel needle is inserted, the steel ball is tightly buckled in the gap of the steel needle; the unbuckle that the cashier opens the hard label for us is actually a Super strong magnet. When it is placed on the magnetic buckle, the magnet sucks the three steel balls in the lock cylinder that are stuck with the steel needle away from the steel needle, and the steel needle can be smoothly pulled out of the magnetic buckle and then removed from the product. It's all taken down. The whole process did not destroy its internal and external structure, so that the repeated use of the anti-theft electronic hard tags can be guaranteed.
Product anti-theft electronic tags use hard tags more often. Soft tags are generally used on packaged goods. Most of them are wrapped in synthetic paper or soft plastic shell. The soft tags are usually aluminum etching or copper printing lines, simple In fact, it is a bare resonant coil. Many commodity anti-theft electronic soft tags we usually see are actually wrapped in a shell, so we can’t see the coil; The degaussing of the acousto-magnetic soft tag refers to the use of a high-energy magnetic field to deflect the non-chip magnetic field of the core component of the soft tag so that its frequency is not equal to the detection frequency of the anti-theft device 58KHZ; the anti-theft soft tag is disposable. The above is the introduction of several kinds of commodity anti-theft electronic tags, I hope it will be helpful to you.