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Anti-theft of sound and magnetic anti-theft system


With the continuous development of the open retail industry, optional prices and free experiences have become people's favorite shopping methods. However, while merchants provide customers with such a convenient shopping experience, product safety is also an important issue that plagues merchants. In open-end merchandise sales places, the theft of merchandise occurs from time to time. In order to solve this problem, a commodity anti-theft system came into being. Two types of anti-theft systems widely used in the market are acousto-magnetic anti-theft systems and radio frequency anti-theft systems. The sound-magnetic anti-theft system works better, but many people don't know how the sound-magnetic system works. Today, the editor will introduce to you how the acousto-magnetic anti-theft system can prevent theft.
From a technical perspective, since the current radio frequency anti-theft system mostly uses analog signals, and the acousto-magnetic anti-theft system uses digital transmission technology, the acousto-magnetic anti-theft system is relatively more accurate in signal identification, and the equipment is not susceptible to interference from other irrelevant signals, and the equipment is stable Sex is better. In terms of detection distance, the effective protection channel of the radio frequency anti-theft system is 90cm-120cm from the soft tag and 120cm-200cm from the hard tag. The detection distance of the acousto-magnetic anti-theft system is 110cm-180cm from the soft tag and 140cm-280cm from the hard tag. Relatively speaking, the detection range of the acousto-magnetic anti-theft system is wider. In terms of price, due to the earlier application of radio frequency equipment, the price is lower than that of acousto-magnetic equipment. However, with the continuous improvement and rapid development of acousto-magnetic equipment in recent years, the cost has gradually decreased, and the price gap between the two equipment has gradually narrowed. Although the acousto-magnetic anti-theft system is expensive, its performance is stable and guaranteed.
The principle of    sound and magnetic anti-theft is also very simple. It uses the physical principle that only when the oscillation frequency is the same, the tuning fork will cause resonance. When the acousto-magnetic alarm tag attached to the product enters the detection area of the system, it will resonate, but the system will only issue an alarm when the receiver continuously receives 4 resonance signals. This basic working principle achieves the advantages of high anti-theft detection rate, almost zero false alarms, no metal foil shielding, good anti-interference performance, and wide protection range, and these advantages are also closely related to the matching tags. There are two types of anti-theft tags in the acousto-magnetic anti-theft system, namely soft tags and hard tags. It can protect most of the commodities in the mall, and the size of the soft label is small, and some can even be demagnetized repeatedly. At the same time, its disadvantage is that it is expensive and not suitable for installation and use in some small shops.