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The locking and unlocking principle of the anti-theft buckle


Every time we pay for clothes, we often see cashiers unlocking the anti-theft buckles on the clothes. Just gently place the anti-theft buckle on the release and it will open. At this time, many people will be curious, what principle is used to unlock the anti-theft buckle? Let me tell you the answer below.
        1: The principle of the anti-theft buckle
        When we observe the anti-theft buckle at close range, we will find that this product has two small grooves on the board of the nail. When the nail passes through the bottom, the steel ball inside the buckle will also slide into the groove. Such an anti-theft buckle completes the function of the lock, and cannot be opened by brute force.
        Two: The principle of unlocking the anti-theft buckle
        The unlocker is required to unlock the anti-theft buckle. For this product, it consists of two parts, one is the magnetic core and the other is the magnetic ring. When the two are perfectly combined, a total eddy current magnetic particle will be formed in the center, allowing the anti-theft buckle to be easily released.