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Installation method of book security door


1. Slotted and buried installation of book anti-theft door
Features: The connection line has good concealment, less faults, and the ground is easy to clean
Disadvantages: The construction produces a lot of dust and noise, which is suitable for installation when the books are not on the bookshelf and the library is not open.

installation method:
1: The position of the buried line; try to use the gap between the tiles to save labor.
2: The width of the slot: the launch cable can be freely inserted as appropriate (about 6mm).
3: Slotting depth: double-pass is 2CM multi-point, and single-pass is reduced.
4: Do not use cement when sealing the groove. The powder that can be sawed off is very good, which is convenient for future machine relocation and maintenance.

Book anti-theft with base plate installation with base plate installation
Features: easy installation, hygienic, no noise, can be moved at any time.
Disadvantages: The floor is easily deformed when wet, which changes the position of the security door, causing false alarms and decreased sensitivity. Because the bottom plate has a certain height, it is easy to stumble.
Installation method: Match the serial number below the anti-theft door to the serial number of the bottom plate, align the screw holes, and tighten the screws.
Book anti-theft wire trough installation Crimp trough installation
Features: The anti-theft door is fixed with expansion screws, which is firm and not easy to loosen.
Disadvantages: The crimping groove is on the ground, and it is easy to be broken after a long time, causing short circuit or open circuit of the system connection. Furthermore, it is inconvenient to clean up.
Installation method: measure the distance and draw the position, punch holes on the ground or fix the security door with expansion screws, press the wire groove to separate the bottom to fix the ground on the ground, and then put the wire inside and cover it.