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Hard labels are mainly adapted to the scope and placement method


Hard labels are mainly suitable for textiles such as clothes and pants, as well as leather bags, shoes and hats, etc.

a. For textile products, the nails and holes should be passed through the stitches or button holes and trousers of the clothing as much as possible, so that the label is eye-catching and does not affect the customer's fitting.

b. For leather goods, the nails should be passed through the button holes as much as possible to avoid damage to the leather. For leather goods without button holes, a special rope buckle can be used to cover the loop of the leather goods, and then a hard label is nailed.

c. For footwear products, the label can be nailed through the button hole. If buttonholes are not available, special hard labels can be selected.

d. For some specific commodities, such as leather shoes, bottled wine, glasses, etc., special labels or rope buckles and hard labels can be used for protection. For special labels, please contact us.

e. The placement of the hard label on the commodity should be consistent, so that the commodity is neat and beautiful on the shelf, and it is also convenient for the cashier to take the signature.

Precautions: Hard labels should be placed where the staples will not damage the merchandise and are easy for cashiers to spot and remove.