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5 points to pay attention to when choosing a clothing anti-theft device


Now many clothing stores are more and more aware of the anti-theft of goods. Next, Bohang Electronics mainly introduces the 5 elements that clothing stores should pay attention to when choosing clothing anti-theft devices. For those clothing stores that are about to install clothing anti-theft devices Said it helped a lot.

01. Clothing anti-theft device performance

The performance of clothing anti-theft device mainly includes false alarm rate, detection rate, anti-environmental interference ability, etc. For clothing store owners, the most concerned is the false alarm rate. If there is a false alarm in the clothing anti-theft device, and the staff does not handle it properly, it will cause consumer dissatisfaction and cause disputes. The second is the detection rate. If the detection rate is not high, it will cause missed catches, which will greatly affect the anti-theft effect of clothing stores.

02. Requirements for clothing stores

The size of each clothing store, design layout, types of goods to be protected, brand positioning, etc. will have great requirements on the appearance of clothing anti-theft devices, which will affect the choice of clothing anti-theft devices.

03. Cost-effective

Since the clothing anti-theft device is a professional high-tech product, in terms of quality and technology identification, general clothing stores have little information for reference and selection, so in terms of selection criteria, in addition to being recommended by peers and manufacturers, most clothing stores It is not denied that price is quite an important factor, so products with good performance and affordable price are the best.

04. After-sales service

For clothing store owners, they all hope that when the clothing anti-theft device is not working properly, it will be repaired in time, and the problems encountered will be solved as soon as possible.