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3 major technologies of supermarket burglar alarm system


The supermarket burglar alarm system is generally divided into three major technologies. The following editor will give you a brief introduction to these three technologies.
1. Electronic product anti-theft system
The electronic commodity anti-theft system is referred to as the EAS system, which basically consists of three parts: the electronic induction card (or label), the decoder (or puller) and the detector (detection door). The detector is installed at the general entrance and exit of the shopping mall or the exit of the specially set customer passage. When the thief carries the unpaid goods through the detection door at the exit, the EAS system will sound an alarm after detecting it. EAS system is currently the most widely used security technology in large shopping malls and supermarkets.
2. Intrusion detection and alarm system
The intrusion detection and alarm technology system refers to a security technology system that uses advanced scientific and technological means to form an invisible warning area for the place that needs to be protected. Once an illegal intruder enters the warning area, the system can immediately emit sound, Light alarm and can indicate the alarm location and time.
Intrusion alarm system usually consists of three parts: detector, transmission channel and alarm controller. The selection and installation position of the front-end detectors are very critical. According to the site conditions in the shopping mall, select the appropriate point-type intrusion detectors, linear intrusion detectors, surface-type intrusion detectors, and space-type intrusion detectors. Form a strict precautionary warning zone. Anti-intrusion alarm system is mainly used for anti-theft in shopping malls during non-business hours. RF anti-theft system
3. TV monitoring technology system
TV monitoring technology is an advanced and highly preventive security technology system based on TV image technology. It can obtain a large amount of dynamic image and sound information of the monitored place through the remote control camera and its auxiliary equipment (lens, PTZ, etc.), and transmit it to the monitoring center for display and recording, so that the situation of the monitored place is clear at a glance, which greatly improves the Improved management efficiency and automation level. In recent years, with the development of multimedia technology and computer image file processing technology, the video surveillance system has made great progress in realizing video alarm, automatic tracking, real-time processing, etc. has an important position.
Installing TV surveillance systems in large shopping malls and supermarkets can not only see the shopping situation of customers, but also detect criminals in advance, and can automatically record video as evidence, which also acts as a deterrent to those who have bad intentions. effect. In particular, a camera is installed above the cashier, which can not only observe the payment status of customers, but also supervise the work of the cashiers and eliminate financial loopholes.