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How to decode the acousto-magnetic soft tag?


The acousto-magnetic soft label has good detection performance and is used to stick on the surface of the product without covering the product information or damaging the product packaging. The acousto-magnetic soft label uses a non-contact degaussing method, which is convenient and fast, and can be widely used in various scenarios such as supermarkets, drugstores, and specialty stores, effectively reducing theft losses, speeding up the checkout process, and improving the shopping experience. So how to decode the acousto-magnetic soft tag?
  1. First determine the position of the induction label on the product. If it is a concealed tag, the reference mark shall be determined. Then swipe the side with the label or reference mark as close to the surface of the decoding board as possible to ensure that the label can pass through the effective decoding area. (Generally, the decoding area of the non-contact decoder is within 10cm from the surface of the decoder)
   2. The decoding of the soft label must pass through the decoding board horizontally, and all six sides (for large hexahedral products) are required to pass the decoding board horizontally. The purpose is to avoid a dead angle between the decoding board and the soft label. After mastering the decoding angle, the number of passes can be reduced.
  3. The decoding speed is controlled at one product per second, not too fast, otherwise the label decoding may be incomplete.

     4. When the soft label is decoded by the decoding board, the customer will cause the system to alarm through the detection antenna when leaving, indicating that the decoding is not successful, which may be the cashier's error in decoding; but if this happens continuously, then It is necessary to promptly notify the supervisor that the decoding equipment is faulty.