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How to tell if your store is suitable for anti-theft devices


Nowadays, everyone's anti-theft awareness is getting stronger and stronger, and the legal awareness is getting stronger and stronger, and they know how to protect the interests of their stores through legitimate means. Therefore, many shop owners choose to install anti-theft devices for their shops. But before installation, we need to figure out whether our store is suitable for installation and what type of installation. The following small series will introduce how to judge whether your store is suitable for installing anti-theft equipment. Come and take a look.

1. In terms of store area, first of all, we believe that the store area needs to be at least 100 square meters.

If the store is too small, the products in the store will be numerous and miscellaneous, presenting a very crowded state. If there are many products, it will be very close to the door. If the anti-theft device is installed, the anti-theft label on the product is very easy to cause self-sounding. Secondly, if the store is too small, and the large-scale electricity in the store is fully equipped, it is very easy to interfere with the anti-theft equipment and cause self-sounding. Moreover, the area of the store is too small, and it is very obviously disturbed by the environment, and this environment is difficult to reconcile and change.

2. No matter what kind of anti-theft device is installed, it needs an independent power supply to supply power. If your store is still under renovation, then we recommend reserving an independent power supply. If your store has been renovated and opened, you need to re-pull an independent power supply.

3. In addition, the store needs to maintain a neat state, and the items on the shelves need to be placed regularly. Because different commodities may need to be equipped with different types of hard labels and soft labels. Arranging items neatly can reasonably avoid some potential interference risks.

If the store owner is desperate to install an anti-theft device for his grocery store, then it is recommended to install an acousto-magnetic anti-theft device. The radio frequency anti-theft device is very easy to be interfered by the environment, and many metal objects can easily form a loop, which is equivalent to one hard tag, thereby interfering with the device.