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Considerations when choosing anti-theft products


Nowadays, more and more physical stores and supermarkets will choose electronic product anti-theft system to solve the problem of loss of stores. Although the development of e-commerce has caused a great impact on offline physical stores, physical store marketing is still irreplaceable. Today, Xiaobian, a manufacturer of acoustic and magnetic anti-theft systems, will teach you how to choose anti-theft system products in physical stores.

1. Confirm the frequency of the anti-theft system

Electronic product anti-theft system (EAS), in layman's terms, is a product for anti-theft in physical stores. It generally consists of three parts, namely a detector (the door standing at the door of the store/buried underneath), an electronic label (anti-theft). Buckle, anti-theft sticker, anti-theft mark, anti-theft tag, wine bottle buckle, protective box, etc.), unlocker/decoder (placed on the cashier counter), these three parts must be unified with the same frequency, electronic product anti-theft system It is divided into two frequencies: acousto-magnetic (58KHZ) / radio frequency (8.2MHZ). Before selecting a product, you must determine the frequency, and select the product with the corresponding frequency according to the frequency.

2. Choose the electronic label that is suitable for your store's products

There are many kinds of electronic labels, which can be roughly divided into two types: soft and hard. Soft labels are mostly used to stick on products, and are mostly used on supermarket cosmetics, chewing gum, and shampoo. Above, it is mostly used for clothing, umbrellas, accessories and other commodities. It is necessary to choose a label that is suitable for your own product, so as to prevent the product from being burglarized, and at the same time, the product itself will not be damaged. clothing anti-theft

3. Choose the security door that suits the style of the store

There are many kinds of external materials and styles of anti-theft doors, generally ABS (plastic) materials, stainless steel materials, acrylic materials, etc. There are also many styles. The number of anti-theft doors installed in supermarkets is relatively large. It is recommended to use ABS materials. The price is relatively cheap . Clothing store entrances are generally narrow, it is recommended to install acrylic, high-end style and versatile.

4. Select the unlocker/decoder corresponding to the electronic tag

After selecting the anti-theft door and electronic tag, you can choose the appropriate unlocker or decoder according to the frequency and electronic tag. There are two frequencies of the decoder: acousto-magnetic and radio frequency. The acousto-magnetic decoder corresponds to the acousto-magnetic soft tag, and the radio frequency decoder corresponds to the radio frequency soft tag. There are many kinds of hard label unlockers, and the magnetic force is different. Please confirm clearly when purchasing. Generally, I recommend choosing a magnetic force of about 7500. Generally, most of the hard tags on the market are of 4500 magnetic force. It would be better to choose a lock opener with a stronger magnetic force. There are also some hard tags that can only be opened with a special lock-picking gun. Be sure to check with the seller when buying.