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How to choose anti-theft hard tags for clothing?


At present, in life, almost clothing stores and large clothing shopping malls mainly use anti-theft hard tags, but in the anti-theft security market, anti-theft hard tag products are complex and mixed. So how should anti-theft hard tags be selected? How to choose good quality and relatively reasonable price? Next, I will explain to you:

1. Select high-quality anti-theft hard label products. A high-quality anti-theft hard label has the characteristics of reliable alarm function, high sensitivity, stable alarm interval and low false alarm rate. Poor anti-theft hard tags will cause problems such as low alarm rate and poor alarm interval during the application process, which will affect the user experience of consumers. The price of bad anti-theft hard tags is very cheap. The lower the price, the more the quality of anti-theft hard tags will cut corners.

2. When choosing anti-theft hard labels, pay attention to screening anti-theft magnetic labels with good quality and stable functions, and do not choose defective products with low prices.

3. The functional stability of the anti-theft hard label is closely related to the safety of clothing store products, and it needs to be used for a long time in the retail process of clothing stores. Therefore, the product stability and between different batches, the functional stability of anti-theft hard label products appears. Particularly important. Therefore, when selecting partners, priority should be given to selecting manufacturers with high production automation, large supply batches, and advanced skills to ensure anti-theft effects and after-sales guarantees. This is the guarantee for selecting manufacturers.