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Correct use of anti-theft soft labels


In the anti-theft of supermarket goods, a large number of anti-theft labels need to be used. And we need to choose different anti-theft labels according to different products. Generally, the most used in supermarkets is anti-theft soft labels. Today, I will take a look at my own views on how to use soft tags correctly, and I hope it can be helpful to everyone.

       Usually, the soft label needs to be attached to the surface of the product. Note that the label should be kept straight and cannot be pasted repeatedly. Pay attention to the appearance. The soft label cannot be attached to the position where the important information is printed on the product, especially the use method, production date, and precautions of the product. For products with curved surfaces, such as wine bottles, cosmetics, etc., soft labels can be directly attached, but pay attention to flatness. When using leather goods, it depends on whether the material of the goods is suitable for the use of soft labels, otherwise it will cause damage to the goods. As well as metal and aluminum foil products, it is necessary to choose a suitable sticking position, and finally use a hand-held detector to see if it has an anti-theft effect.

       Some merchants do not want the increase of soft labels to affect the appearance of the products, so they can stick the soft labels of the products in some hidden positions. Note that there is a common reference mark, such as a barcode, the soft label can be attached to a hidden position, and the reference mark can be selected within a range of four or six centimeters, so that the cashier can know the approximate position, thereby avoiding the possibility of missing decoding during the operation. condition. The way of attaching soft labels should be diversified, and it cannot be often attached to one position, but can be placed in other positions from time to time to improve concealment.