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The working principle of cosmetic anti-theft soft label


Many people often go to the cosmetics counter to buy cosmetics. When choosing cosmetics, I wonder if you have noticed the anti-theft barcode above. This barcode is not an ordinary information barcode, but a barcode that can be used for anti-theft. It is also called anti-theft software. Labels; many cosmetic stores will set up a sales method of self-selected price. This method not only attracts customers to consume, but also indirectly increases the possibility of cosmetic theft, and the anti-theft soft label is one of the important measures to prevent cosmetic theft. The following The editor will introduce the working principle of the counter cosmetics anti-theft soft label.
Anti-theft soft labels are generally aluminum etched or copper printed wires. Simply put, they are actually a bare resonant coil. Many cosmetic anti-theft soft labels we usually see are actually wrapped with a shell, so we cannot see the coil; its work The principle is also very simple. When someone puts cosmetics in their pockets and wants to steal them, when they pass the anti-theft device at the door, the anti-theft soft label on the cosmetic will resonate with the detection signal emitted by the door anti-theft device, and the resonance signal will It is infinitely amplified by the control board of the anti-theft device. At this time, the electromagnetic signal will be converted into an electrical signal to turn on the power of the sound and light alarm, trigger the alarm, and promptly remind the staff to deal with it to achieve the purpose of anti-theft.
Of course, if you paid for the cosmetics, the cashier will help you to deal with the anti-theft soft tags on the cosmetics. At this time, when you pass the anti-theft device at the door with the cosmetics, the alarm will not be triggered; we all know the anti-theft The device is divided into acousto-magnetic and radio frequency, so the anti-theft soft label is also divided into acousto-magnetic and radio frequency. The special treatment method of the cashier is to degauss the anti-theft soft label. The degaussing of the radio frequency anti-theft barcode refers to the use of high-energy resonant electromagnetic fields to burn out the radio frequency soft label. Capacitor; the degaussing of the acousto-magnetic anti-theft barcode refers to the use of a high-energy magnetic field to deflect the non-chip magnetic field of the core component of the soft label, so that its frequency is not equal to the detection frequency of the anti-theft device 58KHZ; the anti-theft barcode that has been demagnetized can no longer be used. , which means that the anti-theft soft label is a one-time use. The above is the working principle of the counter cosmetic anti-theft soft label, I hope it can help you.