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What are the maintenance precautions for supermarket anti-theft devices?


Nowadays, more and more supermarket anti-theft devices are flooding our eyes. The quality of the supermarket anti-theft device is directly related to the problem of the loss rate of the supermarket, and the maintenance of the supermarket anti-theft device is also increasingly concerned by the supermarket merchants. People prefer to choose manufacturers with better after-sales service, because there will be more or less problems in the process of use. It may be that the customer does not know how to use the product, or the clerk or customer accidentally touches some products. places, etc. All this requires a timely response after sales and assisting customers to solve problems.

The following are some requirements and precautions for the maintenance personnel of supermarket anti-theft devices:
1. The work must be serious, and the drawings and data of the customer's alarm system must be kept confidential and must not be lost.
2. Those who participate in the installation and maintenance of the alarm should be qualified for maintenance after filing with the public security organ, and pay attention to safety.
3. Live work should pay attention to personal and equipment safety at the same time, and strictly prevent accidents of electric shock and burning equipment.
4. After replacing the detector, the sensitivity should be readjusted, and the protection range and distance should meet the performance requirements of the original machine.