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Pay attention to three items of anti-theft system installation in shopping malls


There are three major items to pay attention to in the anti-theft system installation in shopping malls, namely on-site disturbance, power supply, surrounding elements and other elements. The specific precautions are described as follows.
1: Identify and remove the fault elements at the first time on site?
In order to ensure the quality of the anti-theft device project in the shopping mall, it is first necessary to investigate the source of disturbance on site. If it cannot be removed, install the anti-theft device away from the source of disturbance. There are generally two types of disturbance sources: the first is active disturbance, such as various electric spark disturbances, hair dryers and ignition caused by poor contact, or disturbances caused by serious power clutter; the second disturbance is Passive interference, such as coiled wires near the machine, cashier pos machines, whether the various signal lines and power lines of the printer are coiled, etc.
Two: What should be paid attention to in the anti-theft detector device?
The anti-theft detector shall not be installed within 0.5 meters of a metal door or within 1 meter of any metal object. Metal objects include metal studs, display shelves, metal display cabinets, metal shopping carts, etc. Do not install detectors within 2 meters of cash registers, credit card identification devices, telephones, computers, data cables, neon lights, air conditioners and heaters.
Three: the use of power precautions?
Strictly grounding, some three-core sockets do not have a grounding terminal, so you need to pull a dedicated line from the power distribution cabinet from the beginning. In this way, on the one hand, it meets the required standards and avoids accidents; on the other hand, it also reduces the crosstalk of grid clutter. 2: To ensure heat dissipation Due to the long-term operation of the system, although the power margin of the power supply box is sufficient, if it is placed in a narrow or even half-closed place, the components will heat up too fast, which will affect the stable operation.