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Engineering Design and Installation of Acoustic Magnetic Security Door


The installation of the acoustic magnetic security door is almost the same as the radio frequency system. The equipment is only fixed; the main debugging, acoustic and magnetic debugging are basically based on software, and the following engineering design and installation specifications are introduced:
  engineering design
1. Engineering design should be based on applicable, economical and reasonable criteria;
2. It is necessary to ensure that all technical indicators of EAS equipment are met, especially the installation interval indicators;
3. It must be noted that the power supply line of EAS equipment must be led out from the distribution box on the installation site separately, and other equipment cannot be shared on this power supply line;
4. It must be noted that there should be no large-area metal objects and 220V power lines (or other high-voltage lines) around the 1.0M installation location of the EAS equipment;
5. The power cord must be well grounded, multiple groups use the same circuit, and adhere to the same phase.
Installation specification
1. After the EAS equipment arrives at the installation site, it must first be tested according to the location of the design plan;
2. After the successful trial operation, please ask the customer engineer to locate, including the installation position and interval of the EAS detector (within the target range), the confirmation of the installation position of the decoder and the unlocker, etc.
3. If there is interference in the on-site environment during debugging, the cause of the interference must be identified first, and the solution is to install fixed equipment;
4. After determining the installation position of the EAS equipment, mark the position of the fixing hole of the equipment and the ground groove required for burying the wire;
5. Use an impact drill to drill a φ12 hole on the fixed hole, and use a cutting machine to cut a trench with a width of 10 mm and a depth of 10 mm (the depth of the trench can be deepened according to the actual situation);
6. After the above work is completed, install the anti-theft position of the EAS equipment → wiring → fixing (the equipment is equipped with shrinking screws) → covering the ground groove (the equipment is equipped with stainless steel bead) → fix the bead to the air plane with white cement or glass glue;
7. Shielded cables are required for all connection data (including in-line cables and DC power cables equipped in the device).
8. In construction, safety should be the first priority; to replace the cutting blade and drill number, the power must be turned off first;
9. All power cords and connecting lines must be fixed with wire clips; if welding connections are required, wrap them tightly with insulating tape, and leave the connection part in the bottom groove as much as possible;
10. The unlocker should be fixed on the cashier to facilitate the operation of the cashier.