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Recommended scheme for installation and layout of anti-theft devices in supermarkets


Recommended channel anti-theft solution for large and medium-sized supermarkets:
The cashier channel type supermarket anti-theft device is installed at the isolation guardrail of the supermarket cashier channel. One device protects 2 independent channels. The effective protection distance is 0.6-0.8 meters on one side, which fully meets the supermarket anti-theft product loss prevention requirements. At the same time, the layout is relatively Beautiful, the customer has completed the loss prevention inspection unknowingly during the settlement process, which does not affect the customer's sense of free shopping experience.
First, understand the basic composition of supermarket anti-theft devices:
1. Anti-theft antenna: acousto-magnetic antenna, radio frequency antenna
2. Anti-theft labels: hard labels, soft labels
3. Decoding/unlocking equipment: unlocker (for hard label), decoder (for soft label)
4. Steel wire rope (some stores may not use it)
2. Working steps of supermarket anti-theft system
(1) Install the anti-theft consumables used in supermarkets - anti-theft hard labels and soft labels on the products that need anti-theft, the hard labels will not be easily pulled, and the soft labels are well hidden.
(2) Install a supermarket anti-theft antenna at the entrance and exit of the supermarket, which can be acousto-magnetic or radio frequency vertical antenna.
(3) When the customer normally goes to the counter for payment, the staff will use the unlocker to open the magnetic buckle, demagnetize the soft label with the decoder, and the shopping is completed.
(4) When the customer forgets to pay or fails to go through the payment procedures (with anti-theft labels) through the exit, the supermarket anti-theft antenna detects the magnetic buckle or soft label and sends out an audible and visual alarm, and the customer needs to go through the payment procedures.
3. Calculate the approximate number and location of the supermarket anti-theft equipment installed according to the design scheme of the number of supermarket channels, the distance of the channels, and the internal environment of the supermarket.
1. Roughly calculate the number of supermarket anti-theft devices according to the number and distance of supermarket channels
2. Determine the number of unlockers and decoders according to the channel conditions
3. Calculate the number of anti-theft labels and wire ropes used according to the area of the supermarket