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Anti-theft selection in clothing stores is the key to anti-theft labels


The purchase of anti-theft equipment for clothing is only the first step to achieve anti-theft, and how to use the anti-theft device reasonably is an important link. General clothing anti-theft equipment is composed of anti-theft doors, anti-theft labels, and unlocking devices, among which the anti-theft doors and unlocking devices are relatively easy to solve. The difficulty is how to choose the anti-theft tag, because it is closely related to the matching of the clothing, that is, it cannot affect the appearance of the clothing, but also has the anti-theft effect, so the use of anti-theft tags is skillful.
     One: It is recommended to use anti-theft hard tags on high-end clothing and high-value products. The hard tags can be reused and have a long service life. Merchants can choose different anti-theft hard tags according to their own clothing styles.
     Two: If you don't want the merchant to let customers see the anti-theft buckle, you can use the anti-theft label, which will be sewn on the sewing line together with the clothing washing label, so that customers will not be able to see the clues. Played the anti-theft effect.