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How to use anti-theft labels for fresh products in supermarkets?


In order to ensure the freshness of the fresh food in the supermarket, it is generally placed on the shelf, and customers can take it according to their own needs. People who often go to the supermarket often find that customers always pick and choose on the shelves, and even peel the skin, remove the leaves and pinch the roots, etc., causing various losses. In addition, because such commodities are not as easy to take anti-theft measures as other commodities, commodities are often taken out of the supermarket without settlement, causing losses to the supermarket. Therefore, many supermarkets have begun to put anti-theft labels on fresh products to achieve the goal of anti-theft. The specific use methods are as follows:
Fresh products, such as vegetables, fruits, meat and other non-packaged products, should try to take an appropriate amount for simple packaging. You can use plastic wrap, fresh-keeping boxes, fresh-keeping bags, etc., and package the goods separately according to the share of one or two people. , weigh and affix a price tag. This can avoid the damage of goods caused by customers tearing and dragging on the shelves; in order to avoid temporary theft by some customers, a waterproof anti-theft label can be placed in the simple packaging. This label has strong penetrating performance and is not afraid of water. , without any side effects, can be in direct contact with food. If the payment is not settled and taken out of the supermarket directly, an alarm will be issued when you walk to the door of the supermarket to remind you that the payment is not settled. For unpackaged goods, you can put the anti-theft label into the packaging bag at any time during weighing.
At present, the price of goods is relatively high, and it is a pity to lose every one, especially meat products and precious and small fruit products.