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What are the value-added functions of the demagnetizer in the acousto-magnetic anti-theft system


The important value-added function of the degausser in the acousto-magnetic anti-theft system is the "anti-theft function". This kind of degaussing device has the characteristics of integrated and linked work with the mainstream barcode laser scanner in the market. When the cashier is working normally, it is usually necessary to ensure that the laser scanner correctly scans the barcode of the product, and at the same time or later, the degaussing work of the anti-theft soft label is performed. Some cheating cashiers and employees often use degaussing and killing the anti-theft soft label without scanning the product barcode to achieve the intention of stealing the product.
The degaussing device with anti-theft function, it only initiates the degaussing action after receiving the correctly scanned degaussing trigger signal output by the barcode laser scanner. Any attempt by a cashier to "miss scan" of the product's barcode in an attempt to degauss the anti-theft system fails to achieve the intent. This function has a very effective product anti-theft and loss prevention effect on reducing the internal and external collusion of store employees to steal products.

We need to know that green degaussers Any electronic product has electromagnetic radiation, and degaussers have relatively large electromagnetic radiation. Beyond a certain distance, its radiation is within a safe range. Minimize electromagnetic radiation as much as possible, "green" use of degaussers is often ignored by most businesses. The acousto-magnetic degausser with "anti-theft function" will initiate a degaussing action and generate electromagnetic radiation only when the product is correctly scanned and there is an acousto-magnetic anti-theft label within the detection range of the degaussing device. In addition, degaussing All devices are in a "sleep" state, and their own energy consumption is low. Therefore, acoustomagnetic degaussers with this function are green and environmentally friendly.