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Are supermarket anti-theft labels expensive?


When we buy something in the supermarket, we will notice the anti-theft label on the product. When we check out at the cashier, the cashier will scan the label on the product, and we can check out and leave. If we do not pay, take it When the product leaves directly, the anti-theft device at the entrance of the supermarket will alarm. This is the electronic product anti-theft system used by many supermarkets to prevent and stop the loss of products. The product anti-theft tag is obviously one-time in the whole anti-theft process, so is it expensive? The following editor will briefly introduce the price of anti-theft labels for supermarket goods.
        There are mainly two kinds of anti-theft soft labels for supermarket commodities. One is the acoustic magnetic soft label and the other is the radio frequency soft label. The copper foil strips form an inductor, and are marked with a capacitor that can be charged with a certain energy by a special laser process to form a resonant circuit, and this resonant circuit is the source of resonance with the detection antenna. The principle of decoding and degaussing is also very simple. The degaussing of the acousto-magnetic soft label refers to the use of a high-energy magnetic field to deflect the non-chip magnetic field of the core component of the soft label, so that the frequency is not equal to 58KHZ; the degaussing of the radio frequency soft label refers to the high-energy resonant electromagnetic field. The dotting capacitor of the radio frequency soft label is burned out; therefore, all the anti-theft soft labels for supermarket goods, whether it is radio frequency or acousto-magnetic, cannot be reused as long as they are decoded and demagnetized. Unlike anti-theft buckles, which can be reused, this is why the price of commodity anti-theft soft labels is cheap.

Generally, the price of ordinary acoustic and magnetic anti-theft barcodes is between 0.05-0.6 yuan. Of course, if you buy a large quantity, the general price manufacturer can still give you a discount. If it is a PVC shell acoustic and magnetic anti-theft barcode, the price is It's a little higher, more between 0.1-0.9 yuan. If you buy a PVC soft label for a few cents, you should pay attention. Maybe the PVC shell used for the anti-theft barcode is made of recycled materials, so the price is cheaper. , RF commodity anti-theft barcode can be considered as the electronic version of the barcode. Its working principle is the radio principle. The serial number information in the tag chip is obtained through the process of electromagnetic wave carrier wave and modulation. The price of ordinary anti-theft radio frequency soft tags is generally low. Between 0.05 and 0.08, but some radio frequency soft tags not only have the function of anti-theft, but also store commodity information, can store 1-1024bit content, and can be read repeatedly, that is to say, it is no longer a one-time tag, such as The price of anti-theft barcodes must be higher, usually between 0.1-3 yuan. The above is the introduction of the price of anti-theft labels in supermarkets, I hope it will help you.