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What are the tips for choosing anti-theft labels?


Everyone can often use the anti-theft tag in the supermarket in life, but they still know little about its function and use, so when there is a need, they often don't know how to choose to buy it. Today, the editor will solve your doubts and focus on the anti-theft label.
       One: the number of times of use
      Usually anti-theft tags are divided into two types, hard tags and soft tags. Of course, the most convenient to use is the soft label. It only needs to be gently peeled off and attached to the anti-theft products, and then degaussed after payment is made by the customer. Although the price of the soft label is very low, the soft label cannot be reused, and if it is used for a long time, it is also a large expenditure. At this time, you will choose a hard tag. The hard tag can be reused. As long as it is fastened to the clothes together with the anti-theft nails, it will play a role in anti-theft.
      Two: product type

      There are many types of commodities, and their values vary greatly. The same is true for anti-theft products. If you need to prevent theft of a valuable commodity, such as gold and silver jewelry, red wine, etc., we recommend that you choose anti-theft labels with better performance and quality. Such labels have the most stable anti-theft effect. most.