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What are the common places for acoustic and magnetic anti-theft devices?


With the continuous innovation of technology, anti-theft equipment is becoming more and more advanced. However, as the saying goes, the road is one foot high, and the magic is one foot high, and theft cases often occur. For this reason, the anti-theft equipment must be optimized at all times and keep up with the pace. As a new type of anti-theft device, the acousto-magnetic anti-theft device is very popular among stores. It has the characteristics of high sensitivity, small footprint and strong anti-interference, and is suitable for many public places. Generally speaking, acoustic and magnetic anti-theft devices are often used in the following places:
1. Supermarket
Supplying reputable acousto-magnetic anti-theft equipment to achieve almost zero false alarm operation, it is very suitable for supermarkets where there are many commodities. When the acousto-magnetic system label fixed on the commodity enters the detection area of the system, resonance will occur, but only in The receiver will only issue an alarm after receiving the abnormal resonance signal. Acoustic and magnetic anti-theft devices are usually installed outside the checkout counters in supermarkets. Manual checkout is the first checkpoint. In order to prevent fish from slipping through the net, acousto-magnetic anti-theft devices have become the second checkpoint, and they cover a small area. Reduced prices without hindering the checkout line;
2. Clothing store
When manufacturers of acoustic and magnetic anti-theft equipment sell their products, most of them choose clothing stores, and they are clothing stores of well-known brands. Because the prices of the clothes sold inside are relatively high, the store needs more high-quality anti-theft equipment. In the past, cameras were an essential anti-theft device for clothing stores. However, because clothing stores have fitting rooms, which involve customer privacy issues, cameras are not suitable for installation in the entire store. The acoustic and magnetic anti-theft equipment is fixed at the door of the store, which is the passage that everyone must pass through, and it is beautiful and elegant, so that customers have a full sense of comfort;
3. Office building

For office power, companies from all over the world are gathered, each company has its own valuable office equipment, and some companies even have goods stored in the office, so the anti-theft equipment in the office building is very important. Installation of cameras and manual patrols of property management alone are not enough, and it consumes manpower. The installation of the acoustic and magnetic anti-theft equipment only needs to be outside the office building, and because the acoustic and magnetic anti-theft equipment is easy to install, it does not hinder the entry and exit even during the rush hour, and does not affect the grade of the office building.