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Installation and precautions of book security door system


Anti-theft system composition: The book anti-theft system is composed of the host and the detection door or detection antenna for transmitting and receiving respectively. The host and the antenna are connected by a special shielded wire.
After the host is powered by AC220V power supply, when the book with the anti-theft magnetic strip passes through the access control, the relevant signal is processed by the host. When the magnetic strip is not demagnetized, the access control will issue an audible and visual alarm.
Notes on the use of the book anti-theft system:
1. No large metal objects, metal guardrails, etc. can be stored within the surrounding 80CM. Books with anti-theft magnetic strips should not be placed within the 80CM range of the detection door.
2. The distance between the host and the detection door is more than 2 meters. The computer should not be next to the detection door; RF anti-theft system
3. When disassembling and testing the power cord, hold the aviation plug instead of pulling the power cord hard to avoid disconnection.

4. Do not turn on and off the power of the host frequently, so as not to damage the host.