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Are all products subject to anti-theft labels?


Many friends who open supermarkets will ask such a question. There are thousands of supermarket goods. How to prevent theft?
First of all, the supermarket anti-theft system includes: supermarket anti-theft device, anti-theft label and unbutton or demagnetizer. The anti-theft label plays the role of the anti-theft identification signal in the anti-theft system, so the supermarket goods are anti-theft, and the goods must be affixed with anti-theft hard labels or anti-theft buckles. As long as the goods can be affixed with anti-theft labels, they can be anti-theft.
However, in supermarkets, there are many commodities such as fruits, cooked food, meat products, pens, etc. that cannot be labeled with anti-theft labels, so supermarkets generally do not prevent theft of all commodities, but compare some prices in a targeted manner. Anti-theft of high goods. The following is a selection of anti-theft labels for some products for your reference~

1. Milk powder, coffee, imported snacks and other canned products in supermarkets can use a special hard label such as the milk powder buckle to prevent theft

2. Alcohol products, oil products and other products with bottle mouths are of high value. You can choose anti-theft buckles such as wine bottle buckles and oil bottle buckles

3. For boxed electronic products such as cosmetics, toothpaste, earphones, health care products, etc., the anti-theft soft label can be directly attached to the outer package. The anti-theft soft label is a one-time commodity and cannot be reused.

4. Products such as clothes, bags, shoes, hats, home textiles and other products in supermarkets generally use anti-theft buckles, which are directly buckled on the goods. When removing the nails, the anti-theft buckles can be used repeatedly.

The above are some of the more common use of anti-theft labels in supermarkets, I hope it can help you~