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Benefits of an EAS System


Shoplifting is one of the most common crimes police face. That means taking things out of the store without paying. Most thieves are hobbyists, but the trend is seriously developing into a more organized crime, where syndicates or rings make their lives stealing from retail or shoplifting. Millions of dollars worth of merchandise is shoplifted every day and is becoming a very serious crime.
1. Shoplifting
With the advent of new technologies for electronic item monitoring, EAS systems are emerging as a more effective means of reducing retail shrinkage, which is still affecting a large number of retail businesses around the world.
2. Simplified management
Retailers do not have to take steps to prevent employees from stealing merchandise.
3. Customers rest assured
Customers may feel uncomfortable when staff are staring at them, but since there aren't many staff moving around the store, customers have complete freedom to shop, in a good mood, and feel comfortable for both the customer and the retailer.
4. Threatening thieves

Under this high-tech system, it is difficult for stores or supermarkets to steal goods, and the stealing rate of stores using the EAS system is 60%-70% lower than that of ordinary stores.