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Solutions to common problems of library anti-theft system


The library anti-theft system is somewhat different from the clothing and supermarket anti-theft systems, and the system configuration is more complicated. Therefore, the problems that can be solved in the clothing and supermarket anti-theft systems may not be solved in the library anti-theft system. And most library anti-theft systems belong to electromagnetic wave systems, so the principle is completely different. Here are some problems and solutions that library anti-theft will encounter.
1. When the power is turned on, the host does not display or work.
1. Check whether the power supply of the host is normal and whether the socket is properly inserted.
2. Check whether the power cord of the wiring is normal
3. The above two points are no problem, then check whether the fuse is damaged
Second, the power supply and the panel are working normally, but the antenna does not alarm
1. Check whether the book used for inspection has a magnetic strip and whether the magnetic strip is magnetic
2. Check whether the clerk socket of the antenna is powered on normally
3. The anti-theft antenna is always ringing and does not work properly
1. Check if there are large electronic devices around the world. You can turn them off first to see if the antenna is still constantly alarming. If it is easy to use, adjust the distance between the detector and other electronic devices; if it is not easy to use, adjust the reference + and reference - knobs to increase the difference between the two numbers until there is no sound.
2. Check whether there are books with this magnetic strip around. Many times, this is caused by forgetting to put books around. Also, check if there are any unpasted magnetic strips around. The staff will accidentally drop the magnetic strips and cause false alarms.
3. In addition, it should be noted that there should be no large metal objects in the channel Zhou Guo. Such as: trolleys for transporting books, warning signs made by libraries and bookstores, notice boards for readers entering the library/store, etc. The above items should be kept at an appropriate distance from the channel of the monitor.
Fourth, the book anti-theft antenna will falsely report
1. The distance between the antenna and the channel is too close, which affects the normal transmission and reception of electromagnetic waves of the antenna, and the distance is preferably more than 1.5 meters.
2. Whether there are magnetic strips or books containing magnetic strips, large metal objects, etc. around the anti-theft antenna. Some influences may not cause the antenna to alarm all the time, but it will affect the occasional abnormal alarm of the antenna.
3. If no problem can be found according to the above method, you should check whether the 220V/50Hz power supply provided on the wall has a ground wire. If there is a ground wire, you should check whether the ground wire of the power plug is in contact with the ground wire of the power socket. Good, if the contact is bad, the power cord will be falsely reported. If the provided power supply does not have a ground wire, it is best to ask an electrician to help lead a dedicated ground wire to the power outlet.

4. Another cause of false alarms is that the door of the passage is too close to the wall. Because there are too many various power supply lines connected under the wall, the electromagnetic wave fluctuation of the detection antenna is often affected. When the channel is too close to the wall with various signal lines, the instrument may work unstable or false alarm. This problem is easy to be ignored by users, so please pay more attention in use to avoid some unnecessary troubles.