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How to prevent theft in cosmetics store?


Diversified retail anti-theft solutions are suitable for various application needs in modern shopping scenarios. Xunmei provides anti-theft products applicable to different commodities and systematic services linked with stores, providing professional and reliable one-stop solutions for the safety of cosmetics stores.

The anti-theft soft label has good detection performance and is used to stick on the surface of the product, without covering the product information or destroying the product packaging. The soft label uses the non-contact degaussing method, which is convenient and fast, can effectively reduce the loss of theft, speed up the checkout process, and improve the shopping experience.

The anti-theft hard tag is suitable for some small accessories and beauty products, such as nail clippers, silver jewelry, hair clips, etc. The hard tag can be used with anti-theft nails or wire ropes

The unlocker is a device that quickly, easily and conveniently removes various hard tags, and is generally placed on the cashier to facilitate the cashier to unlock the hard tags.

The acousto-magnetic decoder is a device that disables the acousto-magnetic soft label. With good compatibility, it helps to simplify the shopping process and improve operational efficiency.

The anti-theft antenna is installed at the entrance and exit, which can identify the goods that are not in the normal checkout process and alarm in time, so that the loss prevention personnel can take further measures. Compared with traditional manual loss prevention, the anti-theft antenna reduces the bad experience of consumers