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Supermarket anti-theft antenna installation process


Supermarket anti-theft antennas are installed at entrances and exits, which can identify products that have not been through the normal checkout process and alarm in time, so that loss prevention personnel can take further measures. Compared with the traditional manual loss prevention, the supermarket anti-theft antenna reduces the bad experience of consumers and avoids the negative impact on retail brands. It can be widely used in supermarkets, specialty stores, drugstores and other retail environments.
    First, unpack the supermarket anti-theft device that you bought, and take out the box of the supermarket anti-theft door and its accessories (with fixing nails, plugs, etc.).
    Second, take out the power supply and accessories from the accessory box, open the main board control panel with a screwdriver, and place the anti-theft device in the expected installation position to prepare for the connection test.
    Third, usually the anti-theft door is composed of a main and a pair. We connect the power output line to the transmitting host, the online line is connected to the transmitting host and the receiving auxiliary machine, and put it in the position where it needs to be installed to connect to 220V AC power Perform a power-on test.
    Fourth, use soft labels and hard labels to test whether the security door alarm is normal.

    Fifth, during the power-on test for half an hour, if the system is normal and there is no false alarm, it means that this position can be installed and fixed. Then use a pen to make a mark on all the fixing holes of the anti-theft door, and then use an electric hammer to make a hole at the marked position, drive the expansion screw into the hole according to the picture, and tighten it with a wrench clockwise to complete the installation.