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What should I pay attention to when installing a clothing anti-theft system?


Clothing stores with booming business have a large number of consumers coming and going every day. If the store owner does not take good security measures, it is easy to have products stolen during the sales process. In order to prevent this from happening, more and more Many clothing stores purchase clothing anti-theft systems for use, but it is not enough to purchase high-quality and durable clothing anti-theft systems for comprehensive prevention, and pay attention to the following matters during installation.
1. Since the cashier work of clothing stores is now completed by computers, and the computer will generate a certain amount of radiation, although the well-known clothing anti-theft system in China has a high radiation shielding effect, in order to ensure foolproofness, the clothing anti-theft system is installed. When shopping, you should try to choose a place far away from the cashier, so it is better not to place the cashier at the entrance and exit of the store.
2. At present, most clothing anti-theft systems use magnetic induction, and metal has a certain influence on this induction system. Therefore, when installing a clothing anti-theft system, it is necessary to pay attention not to place a large number of metal equipment and decorations near the installation location. Do not use voltage stabilizers, generators and other equipment, so as not to affect the sensor of the anti-theft system, resulting in false alarms or false alarms.
3. The cost-effective clothing anti-theft system is composed of multiple components, and the various components are connected by wires and circuits, so in order to ensure the installation quality of the clothing anti-theft system and the more sensitive induction during use, the installation Always pay attention to checking the wiring to ensure that the wires are not damaged, the wiring design is reasonable, and try not to share a circuit with other electrical equipment.

Although a high-quality clothing anti-theft system can ensure the quality of use, if it is not installed correctly, various problems will occur during use. Therefore, when you purchase the clothing anti-theft system, you must install it correctly. At the same time, you must also pay attention to the above matters to avoid some external factors that have adverse effects on the use of the anti-theft system.