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The anti-theft system manufacturer will introduce to you how the anti-theft of the unmanned supermarket is accomplished?


In order to improve the operating efficiency of supermarkets, reduce human labor, and save human capital, more and more unmanned supermarkets have begun to appear. So how to achieve anti-theft when there is no personnel monitoring? The following supermarket anti-theft system manufacturers will introduce to you.
Because there is no one on duty, the entrance of the supermarket must be strictly controlled. When entering an unmanned supermarket, you can use your mobile phone to Taobao, scan the QR code posted at the entrance of the supermarket, and obtain an electronic admission ticket. , can enter the store after scanning, so although there is no one in the supermarket, it uses an advanced supermarket anti-theft system.
Installing surveillance cameras in supermarkets can record the movements of everyone in the supermarket at a glance. Even if there is an accident, it is easy to verify; using video recognition technology, people can be detected and tracked, and each camera can simultaneously detect 50 different kinds of people. The target is monitored separately, which greatly improves the monitoring efficiency, which is much more powerful than the human eye.
Using RFID supermarket anti-theft technology, wireless communication technology is applied in supermarkets to identify specific targets and read and write related data through radio signals, avoiding the need to manually scan goods to collect payments.
The use of EAS technology to effectively prevent the theft of supermarket items. EAS is an electronic product anti-theft system. It consists of three parts: a detector, a decoder and an electronic label. It can be used as an extremely powerful anti-theft system for unmanned supermarkets. When an item with a tag is taken out, the system will have an alarm prompt, which can effectively prevent the goods from being stolen.

Using AR reality augmentation technology to seamlessly integrate real world information and virtual world information, greatly improving the computing power of electronic products; effectively using biometric technology to prevent theft: under this technology, no matter what the scene, goods and labels can be The system recognizes and deducts the payment accurately, without the need for the customer to make any action facing the camera. Only after the payment is successfully deducted, can you go out through the settlement door smoothly, otherwise you cannot leave, which is very safe.