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How to avoid false alarms in supermarket anti-theft devices and shopping mall clothing anti-theft devices?


In order to better prevent damage and reduce personnel costs, large and medium-sized supermarkets will choose to install supermarket anti-theft devices, so that they can escort the open-frame sales and play their due role. Some common false alarm problems should be prevented early.

How to prevent false alarms in supermarket anti-theft devices?

 anti-theft device

1. There are large metal objects around the anti-theft device, and the coils around it cause false alarms of the antenna. In this case, the interference indicator of the anti-theft device will light up more.


2. There are a lot of spotlights and fluorescent lights near the anti-theft device. When the antenna is turned on, the antenna will be falsely reported. You can temporarily turn off the light to rule out whether the light interferes with the anti-theft device.


3. When there is no one, the anti-theft device occasionally misreports. In this case, the sensitivity is mostly high, and the sensitivity needs to be reduced. The RF device VR4 turns counterclockwise until the first light is always on, and the second light flashes. , Acoustic magnetic anti-theft device can reduce the sensitivity according to the software computer or reduce the sensitivity on the motherboard or the host (the debugging methods of anti-theft devices of different brands are nothing more than these).


4. There are a lot of tags around the anti-theft device. Although there is a certain distance, the antenna still has false alarms. You need to move the tags further away, preferably 2 meters away, observe for about 30 minutes, and pay attention to whether the anti-theft devices will still report false alarms.