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What should I do if the supermarket anti-theft device fails?


Nowadays, supermarket anti-theft devices are basically installed in major supermarkets in every city. Because it can help us relieve a lot of pressure on anti-theft under normal circumstances. But even the best anti-theft system will have a series of failures during use. Let's talk about a few measures when we deal with failures.

        One: The anti-theft device does not alarm

        Supermarket anti-theft devices can only be used by connecting to the power supply. If there is no alarm, we must first check whether the power is turned on. In addition, only the anti-theft tag passes through the anti-theft device to alarm, and the tag can be used to check the situation of the anti-theft device. In addition, check whether there is interference in the surrounding environment, such as large metal objects, etc. will affect the normal use of the anti-theft device.

         Two: false alarm of anti-theft device

         The false alarm phenomenon is mainly due to circuit interference, because the anti-theft device has a special circuit during use and cannot be connected to other equipment. There should be no other electrical equipment within 2 meters of the detection range of the anti-theft device.