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Five knowledge points of supermarket door alarm


1. What is the supermarket door alarm system?

The supermarket door alarm system is an alarm system that uses various functional detectors to protect the perimeter, space, environment and people of the fortified area as a whole.

2, what is a detector?

Detector is to use the sensor to induce various physical changes and chemical changes to generate electric currents, pulses and other signals to drive the radio frequency circuit to emit alarm signals.

3. What is inductive sensitivity?

refers to the distance and response speed of the exploration interval when the detector is triggered to alarm. With high sensitivity, it can be detected at intervals far away from the detector. If the sensitivity is low, it can only explore a relatively close range.

4. The effect and working method of anti-theft host?

The alarm host is the center of the alarm system. It is used to receive the alarm signal sent by the detector while providing timely feedback; after the host receives the alarm signal, it will emit a high-decibel alarm sound, and will use the mobile network to dial out multiple sets of alarms set by the owner. phone.

5. What is a door sensor? How does it work?

Door magnetic detector is used to sense the opening and closing of doors and windows. Generally, there are wooden door magnets, window magnets, rolling shutter door magnets, and iron door magnets. The principle is that the magnetron can be used to control the opening and closing of the magnetron. When the two magnetrons are close together, the magnetron will be closed, and the magnetron will be disconnected when the two are separated, and the disconnection signal The radio frequency circuit is triggered to announce the wireless alarm signal to the alarm host.