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What is the relationship between the anti-theft label and the detection distance of the anti-theft door


It is very common to install anti-theft equipment in clothing stores. Because of its good anti-theft effect and low cost, it is favored by the majority of clothing store owners. The correct installation of the anti-theft equipment is the prerequisite for the anti-theft work. If the installation requirements are not met, the alarm effect of the clothing anti-theft door will be less sensitive. Today, the editor is on how to use the anti-theft label to determine the installation distance of the anti-theft door.

       1: Look at the exit distance

       When you are inquiring about the installation of anti-theft equipment, we will first ask you about the size of the export to confirm the number of anti-theft doors and the number of channels. For shops with small areas, we would recommend radio frequency security doors because of their small detection range and low prices. For shops with a large area, we would recommend acousto-magnetic anti-theft doors, because it has a large detection range and few affected factors, so it is a common choice for the majority of businesses.

       2: Look at the anti-theft label

       The anti-theft label needs to be sensed within the detection range of the anti-theft door to prevent theft. The anti-theft tag is selected according to the distance of the anti-theft door channel. For example, the distance of the anti-theft door is 1.1 meters, and the anti-theft tag that can be sensed by the anti-theft door within the range of 1.1 should be configured.