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Can the electromagnet open the EAS anti-theft buckle


Can the electromagnet open the eas anti-theft buckle? To this question, the answer is no. Because the working principle of the electromagnet is different from the purpose of the anti-theft buckle.
Principle of electromagnet: it is a device that generates electromagnetism when energized, and a conductive scramble group matched with its power is entangled on the intimate outside. This coil with current is magnetic like a magnet. We usually make it into a strip and hoof shape. , In order to make the iron core easier to magnetize. Electromagnets are mainly used in electromagnetic cranes, electric bells, electrode machines, motors, and automatic control.
Anti-theft buckle principle: There are two pairs of small grooves on the nail pole. When the nail is inserted from the bottom of the anti-theft buckle, the four small steel balls in the buckle will slide to the position of the groove on the nail. Under the pressure of the top spring, they are firmly stuck in the groove. If you want to pull out the nail from the bottom, you can't do it with normal brute force. Anti-theft buckles are mainly used on clothes, shoes, wine, milk powder and other products
Therefore, the two products have different principles and different uses, so the electromagnet cannot open the EAS anti-theft buckle.