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Is the release of the supermarket anti-theft magnetic buckle universal?


In daily life, we can often see all kinds of anti-theft devices, and its supporting consumables are also diverse. There are dozens of anti-theft labels alone. At this time, some people have such questions. Supermarkets Is the release of the anti-theft magnetic buckle universal? Today, the editor will analyze it for you.

The working principle of the supermarket anti-theft magnetic buckle is clear to everyone. It uses the principle of magnetic induction. The anti-theft device at the entrance of the supermarket generally consists of a transmitting antenna and a receiving antenna. A signal scanning area is formed between the two antennas. When the anti-theft magnetic buckle passes through this signal scanning area, the magnetic anti-theft buckle will resonate with the signal area to generate current, and then trigger an alarm. The anti-theft magnetic buckle release is also operated in reverse according to this principle.

The anti-theft magnetic buckle is composed of a steel needle, a plastic shell, and a lock core. The lock core is actually a simple device formed by three steel balls, a steel ring and a spring. The steel ball is normally closed by the spring thrust, and the steel ball is tight when the steel needle is inserted. Buckle in the gap of the steel needle; and the tripper is actually a super strong magnet. The needle can be taken out of the magnetic buckle smoothly. At this time, the magnetic buckle can be removed from the product, and then go through the anti-theft device. Without the magnetic anti-theft buckle to attract current, the anti-theft device will not alarm. So as long as the magnetic force of the tripping device is strong enough, most of the Supermarket anti-theft magnetic buckles can be unlocked, that is to say, supermarket anti-theft magnetic buckles are universal.