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What are the main anti-theft systems in supermarkets?


As a place with a lot of people, anti-theft is very important. So most supermarkets are equipped with anti-theft alarms, anti-theft doors and the like. So what are the supermarket anti-theft systems?
1. Acousto-magnetic system
Tuning forks will only resonate when the vibration frequency is the same. The acousto-magnetic system uses this physical principle to complete almost zero false alarm operations. When the acousto-magnetic system tag fixed on the product enters the detection area of the system, it will resonate, but only after the receiver receives four consecutive resonance signals (once every 1/50 second) will it alarm. The acousto-magnetic system has the characteristics of stable performance, zero false alarms, wide detection range and strong anti-interference ability.
2. Radio frequency system
This radio system uses radio waves as transmitting and receiving signals, and detects electromagnetic waves with a frequency range of 7.7-8.5 MHz and a center frequency of 8.2 MHz. The advantage of this radio system is that the system cost is very low and the installation is convenient. But because its anti-theft label is an LC vibration circuit, the system is susceptible to interference from certain items, such as electronic products such as cash registers, metal objects, etc. , Which may cause false alarms or non-reports.
3. Electromagnetic wave system
The electromagnetic wave system uses electromagnetic waves as the detection signal, and the protection outlet width is generally about 0.80 meters. The system will not affect magnetic objects (such as audio tapes, video tapes and magnetic cards). The use environment is mostly in libraries, bookstores, audiovisual stores, etc.
Audio magnetic and radio frequency system tags are divided into soft tags and hard tags. Hard tags can be reused and are generally used for clothing, home appliances, luggage and other products. The soft label is a one-time label that can be directly attached to the product; the label of the electromagnetic wave system is small in size and low in price. It is divided into composite magnetic strip and permanent magnetic strip, but it is susceptible to the influence of magnetism or metal substances, causing false alarms; Note: The labels used by the three major systems are not universal;
The function of the nail picker is mainly to use nails as hard labels; the function of the demagnetizer is mainly to decode soft labels; when the product has an anti-theft label, the product that has not been demagnetized or nailed by the cashier will pass the anti-theft system, leading to export inspection Door alarm.
The above is the main content of the supermarket anti-theft system.