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Purchase and use of hard labels


Hard tags, also known as anti-theft buckles, can be reused and have a wide detection range. The distance between the tag size and frequency can be as high as 3 meters. The internal material is mainly coils and magnetic rods.
Anti-theft deduction classification: radio frequency and acoustic magnetic two types should be determined when purchasing together the anti-theft equipment.
Common anti-theft deduction names:
Radio frequency: small square, generous, eccentric circle, golf, water drop, etc.
Sound and magnetic: hammer (also known as pencil or pipe) slippers label (shoe-shaped label).
Special labels: wine bottle buckle, milk powder buckle, spider label, these 3 kinds of labels can be made into radio frequency or acoustic magnetic.
Anti-theft deduction sensitivity and detection distance:
Radio frequency anti-theft buckle: The larger the tag, the more sensitive it is, the wider the detection distance will be.
Acousto-magnetic anti-theft buckle: The hammer is divided into large, medium and small according to the length of the label, the longer the detection distance is. There are two types of shoe tags: magnetic bar and soft tag. The detection distance and sensitivity of the magnetic bar are much higher than that of soft tags. You must pay attention to the distinction when purchasing.
Nail remover: except for shoe tags, the other tag nail removers are basically the same, the difference lies in the strength of the magnetic steel.
The use of anti-theft buckle: The anti-theft label and the nail are combined. After the nail passes through the product, it is inserted into the small hole on the label and inserted vertically. Do not insert it diagonally or obliquely. This is due to the improperly inserted nail causing the lock cylinder to jam.