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Precautions for daily maintenance of supermarket anti-theft system


Supermarket anti-theft device is a commonly used anti-theft anti-theft system equipment in supermarkets. Some precautions and maintenance techniques in daily use can extend the service life of supermarket anti-theft system. Because it belongs to the scope of electronic products, its service life is similar to that of its surroundings. The environment and the method of operation are related, so do you know how to do the daily maintenance and maintenance of the anti-theft door in the supermarket?

1. It is fixed to check whether the supermarket anti-theft device can alarm normally 1-2 times a week or so. Some supermarket outlets think that no one takes the goods for a long time, so they directly close the anti-theft door to make it a display. The supermarket anti-theft device can be used for a long time. The performance will decrease if it is not used. Just like household appliances, you can properly energize the supermarket anti-theft device to help the life of its internal electronic components. The supermarket anti-theft system will be affected by environmental factors if it is not used for a long time. The line is aging, which causes unstable performance, so the security door must be opened every day and check whether the alarm is normal.

2. Check the stability of the anti-theft system in the supermarket. Some anti-theft devices will move for a long time, and the fixing screws on the ground will shake if they are loosened. If some children accidentally touch them, there will be potential safety hazards, which may cause loosening after a long time. Even dumping, causing certain hidden safety hazards, so the stability of supermarket anti-theft doors should be checked regularly.

3. Detect the sensitivity and detection distance of the anti-theft door in the supermarket for a fixed period of time. Sometimes the sensitivity of the anti-theft device will decrease. Therefore, use soft tags and hard tags to test whether the anti-theft device normally alarms from every angle to ensure the normal use of the anti-theft device.