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What should I pay attention to during the use of the acousto-magnetic anti-theft soft label?


Acousto-magnetic soft tags are composed of two or three chips inside the structure. The bending, contact, and demagnetization of the metal sheet will all make the soft label inactive, resulting in undetectable. The following points must be paid attention to during use:
1. Matters needing attention in transportation and storage:
1. It is necessary to be antimagnetic during transportation. It is best to wrap it with a metal film and avoid extrusion.
2. The storage time should not be too long. The label will slowly and naturally demagnetize during storage.
3. The storage of soft labels should avoid the following locations: near strong power sources, near large electrical appliances at work, and near other magnetic objects to avoid degaussing. Special reminder: The speaker has a magnet, whether it is working or not, it will degauss the label; in addition, there are magnets inside the cash register, degaussing device, etc., to avoid mixed storage with soft labels.
2. Precautions during use:
1. The soft label should be affixed to the product with a flat, dry surface, without orientation requirements.
2. Soft labels should not be affixed to electric motors, transformers, speakers of constant magnetism speakers and other equipment to prevent the alternating magnetic field from dissipating the magnetism of the labels.
3. Keep the label straight and do not fold it! Folding will cause contact or damage to the chip and cause the label to fail.
4. Be careful not to apply force when pasting. Excessive force will also cause contact or damage to the chip, resulting in failure.
5. Do not stick the soft label on the place where the product is printed with important explanatory text, such as product composition, usage method, warning statement, size, bar code, production date, etc.