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How many types of anti-theft devices are there in supermarkets?


In life, we will see the electronic anti-theft device at the door in some large supermarkets or shopping malls. Many people know that its function is to prevent theft and loss of goods in the store; I believe many people will find it in different places. The immobilizers are different, so are they just different in appearance or kind? In fact, in addition to the differences in appearance, there are many types of supermarket anti-theft devices. The following editor will introduce the types of anti-theft devices in large supermarkets. Come and take a look.
At present, there are three main types of anti-theft devices in supermarkets on the market: acousto-magnetic anti-theft system, radio frequency anti-theft system and electromagnetic wave alarm system. Acoustic and magnetic anti-theft systems and radio frequency alarm systems are currently commonly used anti-theft devices in clothing stores in supermarkets, shopping malls, and clothing stores. The latter is more commonly used in the library field; radio frequency anti-theft systems have been applied relatively early in the market, and the price is relatively cheap, but the shortcomings of their own principles are also Obviously, it is very susceptible to false alarms or no alarms due to the influence of other radio equipment, LED lights and large areas of metal; while the acousto-magnetic anti-theft system has stronger anti-interference ability than the radio frequency anti-theft alarm system, due to the use of ultra-low frequency technology , It is not easy to be interfered by the external environment, at the same time, the false alarm rate is low, and the appearance of the equipment is also very good-looking, but the price is relatively high because of the cost problem; It is composed of a magnetic strip detector, because its accessories anti-theft magnetic strip (soft label) can be charged and demagnetized for multiple uses, and it is in line with the book borrowing program, so it is often used in library book anti-theft, and rarely used in supermarket anti-theft.
We see different anti-theft devices in large supermarkets mainly because of the different materials of the body. At present, the anti-theft devices we can see in the market are made of three kinds of materials. One is the longer used and the earlier one. The one that appears is made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel. This kind of anti-theft device is durable and cheap, but the effect is not good, the anti-interference performance is poor and the appearance is not very good-looking; the second is the ABS engineering plastics that are used more now. ABS plastic has excellent comprehensive physical and mechanical properties, and good low temperature impact resistance. And dimensional stability, electrical properties, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, dyeing, finished product processing and mechanical processing are all very good; the third is acrylic material, acrylic material has good light transmission, strong impact resistance, is It is sixteen times that of ordinary glass, and has excellent insulation performance, strong plasticity, large changes in shape, and easy processing and molding. It is suitable for various electrical equipment, but its production is difficult and expensive. Therefore, acrylic anti-theft systems are generally relatively high-end. Yes, the price is correspondingly more expensive. The above is an introduction to the types of anti-theft devices in large supermarkets, hoping to clear your doubts.