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Why are acousto-magnetic immobilizers more popular than radio frequency immobilizers?


When the EAS electronic anti-theft device was first used and the anti-theft on the commodity was not a common fire, the radio frequency system was basically used to prevent theft. The effect of the acousto-magnetic anti-theft device that appeared later is even better, not only the appearance design is taller, but also the anti-theft performance is better, so the merchants tend to buy the anti-theft device when they buy the acousto-magnetic anti-theft device.
Acoustic and magnetic anti-theft devices are diversified in the selection of materials, acrylic acousto-magnetic antenna, transparent plate, ABS material is very cost-effective, beautiful in appearance, glass fiber reinforced plastic material is fireproof and anti-corrosion is an ideal choice for shopping malls and supermarkets, stainless steel material has bright appearance, beautiful appearance, All kinds of materials are made by various processes such as fine carving and polishing. The design style is simple and elegant, fashionable and durable, giving the store a different visual beauty.
The acousto-magnetic anti-theft device has strong anti-interference, stronger performance, can protect a wider channel with the same quality label, high sensitivity, ultra-low false alarm rate, automatic adaptation, self-detection technology, automatic gain, effective identification, filtering and Suppress external interference to achieve the ideal effect of high alarm and no false alarm.