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What should you pay attention to when choosing a clothing anti-theft device?


Nowadays, anti-theft devices in clothing stores are becoming more and more popular. Basically, everyone will buy such anti-theft devices when they open a store. Putting it at the door is not only beautiful, but also saves trouble and can greatly reduce the occurrence of clothing theft. But do you know how troublesome it is for merchants to choose an anti-theft device in a clothing store? There are many types and brands of anti-theft devices on the market. So you have to spend a lot of time to understand these things. In fact, you only need to read this article to know how to choose a clothing store anti-theft device.
1: Merchants should pay attention to beauty when choosing anti-theft devices for clothing stores
After all, the business is a clothing store, and the clothing store needs to give people a sense of grand and noble experience. Therefore, the aesthetic requirements are usually high when installing the clothing anti-theft alarm door, and the detection distance is required to be wide. The layout should be based on the size of the store and the exit. . When designing the plan, we must fully consider the image of the store to ensure that the appearance of the store is beautiful; the installation location of the anti-theft system must be reasonable to ensure the normal circulation of personnel and goods; to ensure that the goods are effectively protected. When installing the anti-theft door of the clothing store, it is generally recommended to install it on the back of the door, which will not affect the customer's line of sight, nor will it affect the entry and exit of goods. If there are no special circumstances, it is usually not recommended to install within 3 meters from the elevator.
2: When choosing an anti-theft device in a clothing store, merchants recommend choosing an acoustic and magnetic anti-theft system
We all know that there are many kinds of anti-theft devices in clothing stores, such as sound and magnetic anti-theft systems and radio frequency anti-theft systems. Why is it recommended that businesses choose an acoustic magnetic anti-theft system? Because the acousto-magnetic anti-theft system has a wider detection distance than the radio frequency anti-theft system, and the appearance of the label is relatively small and more concealed. If the clothing store has very high aesthetic requirements and a high level of customer satisfaction, it is recommended to use an acousto-magnetic hidden anti-theft system or a transparent acrylic anti-theft system. For clothing stores that require cheap prices or relatively small layouts, you can also choose a more affordable radio frequency anti-theft system, but the effect is relatively good without the sound and magnetic anti-theft system.
In addition, when installing the anti-theft system, the power wiring is very important. Be sure to use an independent power supply. The power box uses a two-pole grounded plug to avoid mutual interference with other electrical appliances. The power socket used must be a two-pole grounded socket that meets safety standards. . When all the connections have been connected, it is necessary to repeatedly check the installation and the wiring is correct, so that the power can be turned on. When the anti-theft system is powered on, if an abnormal phenomenon is found, the power must be cut off immediately, and then the power can be turned on after troubleshooting.